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Alaska Winter Fashion

It's almost that time again! Here in Alaska, we're gearing up with our winter housing and with that, our awesome winter fashion statements. When our days look like this:

We have to be prepared!

Just kidding! Alaska may have some extreme weather patterns, but here in southeast, all we need is some extra layers and a rain jacket. This is a rainforest you know! 

How's this for a cute winter style? Check out our great sweatshirt styles to stay cozy this winter, which have proven great for layering and looking awesome while adventuring. With about a hundred inches of rain and a hundred inches of snow on average at sea level, we Alaskans are always prepared for whatever weather comes our way! We also find cool ways to play in this weather, from skiing at Eaglecrest to ice skating on the Mendenhall lake and finding an awesome cup of coffee at Heritage Coffee Co. Even just thinking about all the winter adventures available here makes us excited for the upcoming season, and what better way to love Alaska than to jump into warm gear and get out there! 

Send us pictures of your adventures in Treetop apparel and be featured on Facebook and Instagram! Happy travels!

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