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Representing Alaska

Here in Juneau, you never know what you're going to find, especially out on the many miles of trail around and through our beautiful town. You also never know what you might see! While hiking around the Mendenhall Glacier one day, a group of adventurers were enjoying the sights when a someone's dog began to bark at the trees. Normally, that means there is something in the woods around the trail, and this group kept their eyes peeled for a possible porcupine or maybe a mink. Much to their surprise, as they rounded the corner, a black bear was sitting under a tree eating ground cones! The dog kept barking and everyone in the group watched the bear watch the group, the bear totally unconcerned with it's audience. The group passed by without disturbing the bear's lunch, but managed to snap a few quick pictures of it hunting for food. 

 What an amazing view! And bonus, they found a friendly porcupine on the trail as well! 














 Alaska is a pretty cool place!

Stories like this happen all the time here in Juneau, and we love sharing them! With beautiful scenery, amazing tours and wildlife everywhere you look, Alaska is a one of a kind place to have any sort of adventure. Whether you're taking a lovely cruise through southeast, live here in Juneau or are coming to visit for an undetermined amount of time, you should definitely plan on taking a piece of Alaska home with you! We know there are a lot of options for you in Southeast, but come by our shop or check out our inventory here online to see some truly unique pieces of art. From Spruce cookies to some great puns and stars, our little shop on Franklin street brings you a taste of Alaska you can share with the world! 

Our shirts are super soft, cozy, and great for any adventure. They also make cool gifts! Check out our cool shop here in Juneau and online, and share your Treetop Tees pictures with us so we can share them with the world! Email us at for pictures and any questions you might have!

Happy Adventuring!

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  • oooh, nice pictures!


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